Gainsborough & the Corporate Commission

Thursday 23rd January 2020, 2.30 pm, TCA.

“Gainsborough and the Corporate Commission”

An illustrated talk by Hugh Belsey, MBE.

Mr Belsey will discuss Gainsborough’s portrait of Lord Harbord Harbord, 1st Lord Suffield, on display at the Castle Museum, and in the context of the artist’s work, will look at commissions Gainsborough received from other corporate bodies. Hugh Belsey is acknowledged as the world expert on the paintings of Thomas Gainsborough - as attested in popular media as the expert consultant on a previous BBC television programme ‘Fake or Fortune’ - and his catalogue on the artist, published in February 2019, includes one of the greatest works in the Norwich collections - the portrait of Sir Harbord Harbord, 1st Lord Suffield.

Members £5.00, guests £6.00 at the door.